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Who We Serve

WORLDHOPPER MINISTRY TRAVEL can book any kind of travel for anyone, but below are our most common customers:


We can serve you if you are traveling to be involved with YWAM either as a staff or a student. We can serve you if you are a speaker or teacher and will be traveling to a YWAM base. We can book Outreach teams to anywhere in the world and for all of these travels, we will give 10 % of our commission back to your YWAM base.*


We want to serve you if you are working on the mission field. We can help you with great one way tickets, or if you want a round trip ticket, we can also help you with that. If you get one of our missionary fares, there is also a good chance that you can bring extra luggage too.*


If you are a pastor, going on a conference or traveling to visit missionaries/partners at a different part of the world, we can probably help you. We have great missionary fares to several countries in all continents! Check us out for a free quote.*


If you work for a humanitarian organization like Compassion International, Feed My Starving Children, World Vision or other similar organizations, we do have some really good humanitarian fares and there is a great chance that you can save money on your travels. If you spend less money on travels, those money can be given to a child in need. We will also pray for you and give 10% of our commission back to your organization*


We can help you if your church is going on a short time mission trip overseas. You will then qualify for our missionary fares - if they are available for the destination you are going to. We will do our best and want to offer excellent service either you are 3 or 20 people. We will also here commit to pray for you and also give 10% of our commission back to your church.*


If you are a singer or musician traveling internationally for concerts and shows, we would love to help you with your travel arrangements. We can offer discounted fares to several worldwide destinations and we can also help with accommodations if needed. We would also pray for you and will give 10% of the commission we earn back to your church, company or organization.*

*The 10% back will at this time only be offered to churches and organinzations in the US and Canada.

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What People are saying

“Worldhopper Ministry Travel is a company that I highly recommend, especially if you're traveling internationally. Frank's ability to find great fares is amazing, and he will continue to dig and search until he finds the best flight that fits your schedule. I've been thoroughly pleased with his service, availability and tenacity in booking fares to match my needs.”

—John Schlitt

Lead singer of Petra


“I travel often (29 countries and growing) and have used many travel agents over the years. I have been so pleased to connect with Worldhopper. I have booked a number of personal and group outreach trips through Frank over the past couple years and my experience has been one of ease and efficiency. Frank strives for excellence and integrity in his business and always goes the extra mile to find the best dates and prices. I highly recommend Worldhopper for all your travel needs!

—Cody Archer

International House of Prayer Jerusalem


“I have really enjoyed working with Frank at Worldhopper Travel. He is always quick and extremely helpful. He goes above and beyond the duty of a travel agent. He has blessed me with encouraging emails and scripture. He always tries to find the best route and the cheapest ticket. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my travel needs.

—Christie Tatum

Martha Clinic, Yei, S. Sudan


“I use Worldhopper to book flights and hotels around the world for myself and World Impact Ministries. It is a joy to work with Frank. He is always quick to respond and does his uttermost to find an itinerary that suits our needs. His prices are also very competitive. I used to book flights and hotels online before connecting with Frank, but I often find that Frank can give me better options and prices than travel websites. Worldhopper has helped us advance the gospel around the world! I can highly recommend them!

—Marius Nicolaisen

Missions Coordinator, World Impact Ministries
Toronto, Canada


“YWAM Rogaland will be sending 32 people around the world for their outreach, and it is crucial for our budget to get a good price on the air tickets.
As I was searching through secular and Christian Travel Agencies, I got in touch with Frank at Worldhopper Ministry Travel and he offered us by far the best price. The savings we made by using Worldhopper Ministry Travel is enough for us to purchase a new minivan for our base.

Frank is always in a good mood, has a helpful and service minded attitude and with a spirit that is filled with faith in God, it seem like he cares more for our needs than his own profit. It is like having a staff member extra!

I could not have been more happy with Frank's services and with Worldhopper Ministry Travel, and do recommend them to any YWAM team or individual.”

—Erlend Seglem

DTS Leader
YWAM Rogland, Norway


“While preparing to go home for a long hard emotional season from where we had been serving... we were praying and trusting for a fare with an unbelievable price to the opposite side of the world. Worldhopper Ministry Travel not only saved thousands more than we thought was initially possible, but were blown away at the personal community-like customer service and extra-care they took to follow up at a professional level.
I have heard lots of good things about these guys, and now I can speak from experience that its all true.”

—Steph and Matt Bell

YWAM Perth, Australia


“I was super pleased that Worlhopper Ministry Travel was able to find reasonable fares for me. I had already received 4 quotes and 2 of them were from Agents who specialize in ministry travel and nothing came close to the quote Frank was able to get. He made an impossible trip possible for me.”

—Sandy Yearwood

YWAM Barbados