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Why Missions

Most people travel for vacation or for fun, but one group is traveling because they feel called to do so. These are the ones that are acting on the following verse:

"He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.'"

–Mark 16:15

The world needs to hear about Jesus and God needs people that GO. If you are one of those who want to GO, either through a church or through a mission organization - we want to be a blessing to YOU!

We want to serve you with all your travel needs, we want to pray for you and we want to encourage you!

We want you to know that what you are doing is something so valuable and you are helping changing someones destiny! We want to applaud you for giving up time and money for others! May God bless you and give you more than you need.

"...All over this world, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing."

–Colossians 1:6:

Worldhopper Ministry Travel has a "company bible verse" and that is from Colossians 1:6: "..All over this world, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing."

It is happening! God is moving through EVERYONE that is willing to go. If you have a desire to do missions then GO. If you are already out doing missions, I would say Thank You! One day in Heaven, someone might come running towards you, giving you a big hug and thanking you for doing your part so they could get to know Jesus!

The numbers are clear. It IS worth every second and every penny you invest!

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Here are the facts

On average, around the world, 178,000 people convert to Christianity every day.

*All stats were found in the book Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short Time Missions with Cultural Intelligence by David A Livermore